Allow multiple database providers


I could be that a given application has multiple NBusiness projects with it. It could be that each project needs a different configuration. Maybe one of them needs to go to sql and one goes to an XML database provider. Also allow configurations to be made per entity. For example:
<NBusiness AuthorizeDefault="false" AccessDefault="true" >
    <Add Assembly="Test1.Business" Provider="NBusiness.Providers.SqlDatabaseProvider, NBusiness" AuthorizeDefault="true" />
    <Add Assembly="Test2.Business" Provider="NBusiness.Providers.XmlDatabaseProvider />
    <Add Type="Test1.Business.TestEntity, Test1.Business" Provider="exampleprovider" />
The defaults get assigned in the NBusiness tag like normal, assembly or type level options may be set in addition to that. When getting an instance of the NBusiness configuration the callers type must be passed in now, like:
NBusiness.Data.Settings.GetInstance(this.GetType()).Database.Fetch( ... );
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