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If you have some questions feel free to post them into the Discussions area and I'll add some to this list as things come up.
Is NBusiness medium trust compatible?
  • It is our intention to make NBusiness completely medium trust compatible. If there are any areas that are not medium trust compliant then we will work to fix it.
What data providers are available?
  • Initially only SqlServer data providers are available though it should be easy to add providers for any ADO.NET library.
Can I make my own providers?
  • Yes, you can leverage existing ADO.NET Libraries and add them to a custom provider or you can build your own if you so choose. If you do create your own providers please contact us and we'll see if we can integrate it into the official build. For more information see Creating your own provider.
Can I change the defaut code that is generated by the E# compiler?
  • Yes, the compiler is Template driven and the resulting code can be modified by creating your own templates. For more information see Creating your own template.
Can I extend the E# Langauge?
  • Not initially. The language parser isn't designed to be extended currently, however NBusiness does come with an Entity CodeProvider to allow for other Entity oriented languages to be created. We will work to find ways to make the E# language more extensible in future builds.

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