NBusiness NBusiness: A Entity Domain Specific Language Tool
A .NET Entity DSL Provider, Templated Code Generator, Visual Studio Plugin and Business Object Framework

note: [This wiki is in the process of updating for v3 of NBusiness, some pages may not be accurate right now]

NBusiness is a Visual Studio Plugin that allows you to define entities and models in projects of various languages (i.e. C#, VB and Boo). Once defined these Entities and Models can be attached to Templates that will generate code in the language of the project. NBusiness can be used to generate middle tiers of applications as well as SQL for performing data access and even database tables.

NBusiness includes Templates for generating CSLA business objects and NBusiness business objects. Templates are easy to create and existing Templates are easy to customize.

NBusiness Benefits of using NBusiness
NBusiness differentiates itself from other code generators with a few distinct points:
  • Your DSL is E# rather than XML.
    • Computers like to read XML but people like to read Code.
    • Source Control software doesn't like to merge XML but it does like to merge Code.
  • Your DSL is the source of truth NOT the database.
  • NBusiness supports business objects, not just data access.
  • Object oriented templates.
    • NBusiness also comes with some template generator tools for popular view engines such as NVelocity and Spark.
  • Visual Studio Integration (v2.0, screenshot)

NBusiness More Information
To get more information about NBusiness please visit the other areas of our wiki pages:

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NBusiness Developers Wanted!
We're looking for developers experienced with business object frameworks, code generation, ORM, compilers or unit testing. Furthermore we're seeking conversation on how best to define syntax for "Entity Languages" and the responsibilities of business objects. We are also looking for anyone experienced in Aspect Oriented Programming and Intentional Programming to help expand our minds and to help us incorporate those concepts as well as possible.

NBusinessIf you would like to join the NBusiness team or contact the project lead send an email to justncase80@gmail.com

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